Impressions from Embroidery and Multineedle Stitching Workshop


In April 2019, Reiner Knochel and Nora Kühner held another workshop at Modefachschule Sigmaringen: The aim of the workshop was the combination of industrial multineedle stitching and embroidery. Quilted fabrics, sponsored by POLYFILL Austria and effect threads, sponsored by GUNOLD were used to create innovative garments with a new look and attitude. The students learned about both techniques and gained a lot of experience using these materials in an unusual context. 

See the impressions here and click through the gallery:

Thanks to all participants Antonia, Rebecka, Christine, Dimitra, Mika, Maurice, David, Anna, Johanna, Mary, Mara, Saphira, Sam and Michaela for your passion and enthusiasm !!

Enjoy !

All Photos taken by Nora Kühner, Reiner Knochel , Samantha Schuck, Mary Abubakar, Dimitra Stefou, Rosa Muralt and Sarah Harder 

Kind regards, Reiner

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