Almost everybody in the textile business is confronted with embroidery, decorative seams or other embellishment techniques, at some time, and expected to understand them with current trends. Designers, product managers and developers, students and other creatives are highly interested to learn more about embroidery techniques, threads and terminology.


There are so many technical and creative possibilities and solutions to discover within the field of embroidery, effect seams and textile embellishment. The more the creatives know and understand, the more individual and unique the results later will be…

Reiner Knochel at SoMingle, Berlin 2016. Foto: Vincent Keiner

Reiner Knochel at SoMingle, Berlin 2016. Foto: Vincent Keiner

Reiner is a Networker and Bridge Builder between the creative people and their international producers and he can help to realize their visions.

Topics of Reiner’s workshops, seminars and consulting:

  • Basic information about embroidery and effect threads

  • How to use textile decoration to stand out from the crowd

  • Knowledge and terminology for a professional communication with the producers

  • Which data does the embroidery company need to create the designs according to my wishes and visions ?

  • What means punching / digitizing ?

  • How to realize the latest embroidery trends in my collection ?

  • How to make my own embroideries more attractive, more innovative and even cheaper ?

  • How to create a handmade look ?

  • Which embellishment techniques do fit to my collection and company philosophy ?

  • Why is it so difficult to let my logo appear in the same look and quality on each garment ?

Please contact me with your questions and demands.