A Glance on Embroidery Trends for Winter 2018-2019


Variety and diversification are catchwords for the season autumn/winter 2018/19. Visionary prints on one side, refined and eccentric weaving, knitting and finishing technologies on the other side show innovation and bring excitement to the fashion business. Know-how and experience is needed also in cutting to realize all the new shapes the designers create.  Garment decoration is still rich, opulent and manifold. Not only are contrast fabrics combined in unusual ways, also different embellishment techniques and materials are mixed.

Fabrics and designs are cut and repaired, destroyed and re-arranged, torn to pieces and re-composed using the patchwork technique. Cut-Outs show a glance of the other layers used. Wooly and cotton threads emphasize a structured, embossed and voluminous look.

Materials: Gunold's PUFFY foam and FILAINE thread

Layers of contradictory fabrics are overlapping and sewn or embroidered together. Reddish and rusty tones in different shades are amongst the key colours; important are as well metallic effects and iridescent shades to express opulence and glamour.

Threads: Gunold METY and GLITTER

The Look ? Imperfect, with a hairy attitude, showing loose threads and irregular stich effects. Sober earth colours and greyish pastels are accentuated with bright green, violet and red tones. Additional relief is brought using removable pompons and tassels.

Threads: Gunold's SULKY