Embroidery Trends Spring / Summer 2018

The textile and fashion industry is on the move and it is time for new beginnings. This brings lots of possibilities for industrial embroidery and textile embellishment. We are having a wonderful embroidery boom - but there is still room to make embroidery more creative and innovative ! So let’s not only talk about it, let’s do it !

CREATE – design your fabric with embroidery and creative stich effects – express yourself – be open-minded, dare to be crazy and try out new things ! (e.g. Gunold’s POLY and SULKY)


EXPERIMENTAL STITCHING and PLAYING WITH EDGES– Leave edges raw and fringed or highlight them with decorative stitches, fancy seams and use thick cotton, wooly or variegated threads like Gunold’s CRY (reflective !), FILAINE, SULKY or COTTY.

CONTRASTS – mix it, reinvent it, manipulate and distort it – combine shiny and matt, thick and thin, hairy and smooth, soft and hard, flat and 3D materials… For the design shown we used a matt fabric and Gunold’s 3D foam PUFFY, embroidered with iridescent colours from the METY range of metallized effect threads.


NATURAL INTERPRETATIONS – inspiration from nature brought into high tech surroundings. Embroider natural cotton on latex and vinyl and bring high tech metallics to linen and hemp fabrics. (Gunold COTTY and METY/GLITTER). Allow your garments to present volume and texture…

NETWORK – grids and webs are perfect to play with transparency and layering. Let materials overlap – some details will appear only on the second glance. Use Coatings and irregular shapes (e.g. Gunold’s POLY).           

I would be very pleased to exchange about embroidery and other embellishment techniques during the upcoming shows in Munich (Munich Fabric Start) or Paris (Premiere Vision). We have prepared lots of new samples and ideas to inspire you... 

Text: Reiner Knochel / Threads: Gunold / Fotos: Gunold

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