Embroidery Trends Autumn/Winter 2017/2018


Innovative Shapes and Interesting Structures

Organic shapes, inspired by nature. Structures from stones, minerals, sea plants and wood. Matt threads such as wool-like FILAINE and the 60 beautiful new shades from COTTY (100 % cotton) are key materials, highlighted on the other hand with shiny metallic effects from the METY collection…

Multicolour and 3D Ideas

Structure and three-dimensional effects using interpretations of triangles, squares or other geometric forms.  Multicolour effects shown in the shiny viscose SULKY and metallized METY / GLITTER range.  Cord and braid looks using the enlarged collection of Gunold’s COTTY 30 and COTTY 12, thick and contemporary cotton threads…

Imperfection Is The New Nice

Imperfection, random constructions and irregular shapes: a creative playground for embroidery ! Combinations of thread types and structures within light and semi transparent designs. POLYMET and FILAMET, Gunold’s new thread types, fit perfectly to this trend, allowing designers to create their own thread and colour combination…

Find out more about latest trends in embroidery, about threads, techniques and how to make it different than today. Meet me soon, either during Munich Fabric Start (best to arrange a meeting via e-mail before the show because I won't be on a booth) or at Premiere Vision Paris where you can easily find me on the GUNOLD booth B 26 in Hall 4.

Text: Reiner Knochel / Threads: Gunold / Fotos: Iris Schlomski for Gunold

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