Knowledge, Experience and Passion for the Textile Industry

Reiner Knochel is a Freelance Textile and Embroidery Consultant from Freiburg, Germany with more than 25 years of experience within the textile world.

He started his business career in the sales department of a weaving mill (shirt fabrics). Later, he worked for more than 15 years for the German embroidery thread company, Madeira. His marketing responsibilities were to establish new business areas by building up a network of designers, textile brands, schools, press media, trend experts, international textile shows, etc.

In 2016, he founded his own consulting company. Almost everybody in the textile business is confronted with embroidery, decorative seams or other embellishment techniques, at some time, and expected to understand them with current trends. Designers, product managers and developers, students and other creatives are highly interested to learn more about embroidery techniques, threads, terminology and possibilities.

Reiner is a Networker and Bridge Builder between the creative people and their international producers and he can help to realize their visions.

He is also representing the German embroidery and specialty thread producer GUNOLD, the Swedish label producer ACG Accent as well as the Italian company SEAB ("bullion wire" embroidery and luxury trimmings). And he is an ambassador for other fabric and textile accessory companies.

Meet Reiner Knochel on one of the upcoming textile events or contact him any time for further information about his seminars, workshops and consulting activities !